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VisualContainer (I)

VisualContainer is a non-profit association, aiming to fill the gaps at long last of a qualified video-art and new-media distributor in the current Italian Art outline.
Our project originates thanks to the effort and commitment of the Art critic Giorgio Fedeli and the Video Artist Alessandra Arnó, both operating in the Milan area, with the aim to allow young emerging Italian Artists achieve visibility both in Italy and Abroad and to supply further promotion and diffusion of works by Italian or foreigner operators already active in the current Contemporary Art outline.
VisualContainer likewise intend to put to good use the potential within the establishment of a cultural information and exchange network cultivating contacts with similar international foundations and institutions or Videoart and new media art archive centres acting as a Distributor.
Furthermore arousing foreigner Art operators' interest in the Italian Videoart production is part of our commitments.






Rebecca Agnes

Now wait for last year


4:06 min.

The car crashes into nothing. It simply gives in, it surrenders. And the flesh changes appearance, boosting a new vegetable life. To become a plant, leaving off the animal skin. To go backwards into evolution to a micro organism (if this would really mean to regress). Neither a vegetable nor an animal state, not the least a fungus. To break up into the organic fluids, with hair tangled up on the steering wheel. The skin stretching out with such new fermenting lives, multitudes of rebelling germs, which build up towers in the putrefaction. And the days passing-by. Fog, rain, fireflies and flocks of migrators. To eventually access a new spring, totally fresh beyond our imagination. Not as a single individual anymore, but as an unconscious multitude.
Courtesy of Davide Gallo Gallery (Berlin).

Riccardo Arena



7: 00 min.

25.756 is a video-installation belonging to the “Four times tree” project A in Shangai, the first of a series of site-specific works in several part of the Earth.
We are at the presence of a wildlife reserve produced by an unknown catastrophe, which organically merges all the elements and thus tells us about the adventure of this human generation thanks to the harmonizing of its remains.
Such eurhythmy of parts helps approach the scenery in a less catastrophic way than it could actually result at first sight, giving eventually way to a melancholy celebration of an ideal future.
Resembling the creator of a garden, who doesn’t play within a pre-constituted project but acts in touch with nature and the suggestions it provides, the four times tree is the fruit of the spirit arising from the observation of the very elements the tree is made up of.

Alessandra Arnò

Save Ours Souls


3:50 min.

Little characters witness an apparition which will bring changes and disorder to their lives.               This work can be approached from several interpretations, from the philosophical concept of order/chaos to a metaphoric reading of the human existence.

Elena Arzuffi

Domestic parkour


4:32 min.

Supported by a narrative array where the real world combines with evocative animation, this work enthrals from the very beginning with an appealing resolving of visual associations and complementary soundtrack.
In the end, after pleasing the senses with a development which traps with no possible escape, the video does bring along a time for reflection about very open interpretations on the meaning of the characters, their stories and settings.

Barbara Brugola

Zone lost


8:30 min.

Initially designed as the show of a girl watching the end of the world on television, the video then depicts her reaction to this terrible and terminal event.
The artist resorts to a double screen to offer the character’s behaviour from two opposite points of view: on the left-hand screen we face a passive reaction as a total fear has completely blocked the girl, so that she cannot communicate her feelings but through the very powerful mixture of her immobility and glance abstract from the viewers’ world.
On the contrary, the right-hand screen is filled with a dynamic response to the situation: the alter-ego has decided to flee from the scary vision and with no less attraction than the former does she freeze the audience with a very slow motion of a possibly endless runaway.

Silvia Camporesi

Dance dance dance



This video originates from a consideration about faith as what is not only connected with religion but with the more general idea of having a faith.
A swimming pool hosts some fascinating lady’s repetitive movements with no apparent evolution till she finds shelter in a most meaningful imagine: a cross on the pool wall, usually the symbol of the border for ordinary swimmers and eventually a revelation here.

Tomoko Nagao

Super Usappe


2:48 min.

This animation is based on the 80’s video games. The main character of a red rabbit is kicking out some items, flowers, mushrooms, cars, restaurant, bank, art foudation, commune and herself. She can take power herself.

Luca Christian Mander



3:53 min.

In Framing the videocamera lacks an actual image to shoot: only a dark hedge intervenes between the camera and the real so that a prospective array is virtually dissolved: the electronic eye has thus to frantically and anxiously wander, trying to frame something from the real trough chinks which ultimately resemble reality themselves.

Patrizia Monzani



5:00 min.

Three people skim one another without ever meeting, their thoughts and voices overlap, their strophes keep repeating. They suppose to be lonely in a strange and hostile city as they are simply unaware of what’s around them.